Zsófia Ötvös

Composer No DoubtComposer No Doubt

Little Thrifter

The line between humor and pity is thin. It is the humor, and at times the ridiculous, that inspires, and surfaces in my work, which depicts an obscenely drawn-out fleeting moment.

Themes are revolving around the choices that I see people make; the substance emerges from internal peace or disarray to utter indifference and self-absorption. Grotesque or satirical exaggerations are preeminent in the imagery.

The scenes are erected from memory, imagination, idealization and illusion. In my process, I rely on the organic dialogue between the paint as the matter and the instinct as the guiding force. Abstractions in the details are responsible for the painting’s vibrant presence. Colors, shapes, features and gestures are rather symbolic elements, mere references to give familiar clues to tell my story. This common visual-vocabulary in the subconscious leads the viewer to interpret my work as immediate and personally relevant.

-Zsófia Ötvös, Artist Statement-


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