Ysabel LeMay

Nurturing Life

The Seed

“One of the reasons I love creating images is because as soon as you take away all the extravagances and superfluities in our daily lives… the simplest things become the most amazing… you get this heightened sense of awareness.”

Branches of Enlightenment

Ysabel LeMay continues her exploration into the power and divinity of nature through photography and seems to have found her path to significance. Her deep seeded roots as a painter not far behind her; LeMay constructs her images one detail at a time in a painter-like fashion.
“Photo-Fusion”; a lengthy process during which hundreds of photographs are taken, light and visual properties attuned and each assembled to build one large composition. In contrast to the study of movement in the “DREAM CATCHER” series, her latest works in a series entitled “SUSPENDED DISBELIEF” are like a surreal Vermeer still-life painting as each detail’s luminance and contrast reflects the overall composition. These startling sizeable prints show us a new way of looking at the simplicity of nature and finding the beauty and wonderment within.

-Ysabel LeMay

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