Rafael Alterio

Un Rendez-Vous San Appointement

Lutte Fight

I attempt to sculpt new environments through my painting that we could regard as doors leading to stormy pathways. I think we should take a walk into the painting itself. My desire is to paint as if I was sculpting. I want to surround the forms and be surrounded by them. This is why I am using large canvases to create the sensation of being submerged by painting.

I want to agitate the viewer’s perception by assimilating colors, forms and movement. I’d like to engender a state of confusion contemplation. The figures I am shaping should remind each person of something different according to their personal memory. As in every creation, the observers play a significant part in the meaning of the work. Then, the painting transformations are endless. I want the spectator to make his own story about the present image. I think he should embrace it more with his senses than with his reason.

I’m trying to form, as if it was photography, a congealed image, of someone or an instant in time. These disturbed and confused images should vibrate and thereby evoke an inner life. To me, this is the major point of my work, the painting should live by itself and through out the watcher’s feelings, as a living being.

-Rafael Alterio


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