Maria-Gracia Donoso

La Creation

Nocturnidad y Alevosia


In my current body of work I use new media to explore the effects space and light can have on the body.  Through mixing new technologies [multi-media] with traditional techniques, like etching, paint, collage, etc. my œuvre questions the body — whole and fragmented.  I use motion and light to bring out manifestations of the human conscious and subconscious.

The work I create is a realization of my perceptions, sensitivities and interests in response to the human body and its evolution towards a conscious or unconscious spirituality.  My pulling, distorting, and decomposing allows me to cut through flesh to look into the body [and mind] as a surgeon, allowing me to produce an alternative to the traditional, literal view of the human spirit.

In this piecing together of cultural givens against a backdrop of perpetually evolving subjectivities, what we see emerging is the power of narration. How do we use the stories we have been told? The question shifts to how the world is narrated, how stories are told and how they are received.

Maria-Gracia Donoso was born in Santiago de Chile. She studied at the

Universidad de Bellas Artes of Santiago.  She moved to Paris, France, After

graduating in Graphic Designer from Ecole Penninghen (ESAG), former Académie

Julian in Paris. Her artistic background originaly traditional has evolved

towards multimedia, she took a post-graduate program at the University of

Bellas Artes de Barcelona—Spain, [“From Etchings to Digital Images”] and

finished her studies at Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona—Spain) with

postgraduate in digital video and Master of New Media on 2006.


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