Maki Hashizume

MAKI HASHIZUME artist statement

My work proposes new practices for looking at public issues. The approach to these public issues is influenced by conceptual contemporary art strategy and architectural metaphor. I am interested in relationships: how the action of creating scenery response to a relationship between art itself and multiple viewer and how it show process of reaction.

Method is re-composing urban elements out of spreaded fragment in public space and transforming suitable concept for the site, and combine two of them.

It evokes meaningful scenery in public as experiment and continue to explore to send message to viewer though art.

Retracing my core of artist background, my background is researching relationship of urban and nature. I try to discover way of visualizing concept of urban design and nature design using art figure.

My art is based on urban, public and nature, and transformed into art figure pieces to introduce urban idea itself easier.


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