Mummy WallMummy Wall

The Global Man

The Clone Figures

By Kae

The Global Man belongs to a cycle of paintings where a head is staged. Who is it ? I don’t know. This figure is anyone/whatever you wish. He is everybody. He is nobody. He is a kind of clone evolving in different worlds. The anonymous character strolls through the lands like a ghost without any real identity. Around him live other characters who are figured out in the fresco Mummy’s Wall.

All these amusing icons are the result of previous graphic experiments taken away from short stories. These psychodramatic faces are cut off from a nightmare background. With all these surrounding heads, the figuration turned into a basic crack, as if the art of painting was looking for emptiness in a funny way, between chaos and entertainment.

Contrary to any kind of “graffiti” art, my works are closer to the classical way of building a painting. Therefore they are not made to be industrialized images but they are single pieces, as each painting can be linked to a personal and unique experience of the color.


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