Eti Esther Naor



Eti Esther Naor

Eti Esther Naor’s central material and subject is rice. This choice is neither incidental nor random; it has deep roots in human culture. But this choice is linked, first and foremost, to her personal life story and to her development as a person and as an artist. As a daughter to a family of Iraqi immigrants to Israel, rice had been a basic food in her home, and it is linked in her consciousness with the warmth, love and security of her private home, her childhood – a kind of anchor in a sea of childhood anxieties.

In this new series of works, Naor takes her concerns with femininity, identity and borders and her typical material, cooked rice, a step further, and creates a body of works which combines sculptural rice objects with oil drawings. The drawings depict ambiguous images and words, taken from mass media and Hebrew slang language.

The objects are reminiscent of broken walls, pieces of the kind gathered in Berlin after the fall of the wall between East and West. The tension between East and West is a central issue in the work of Naor, and the same goes for walls, which are strongly present in the Israeli sphere, from the Western Wall (or Wailing Wall) in the Old City of Jerusalem to the new wall separating Israelis and Palestinians. But Naor refers also to non-physical walls between people, ethnic groups and nations, which are the strongest walls of all.

Naor has recently participated in Tempus Arti 2009 in Belgium, curated by Jan Hoet, and at the Biennial of Vila Nova de Cerveira in Portugal.

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  1. אורנה says:

    העבודה מעניינת . היא עוד שלב בזהות של אתי כאמנית. מרחיבה את המקום המשמעותי שהאורז תופס בעבודותיה ונוגעת בשיח התרבותי והאישי היוצר הפרדה בין בני אדם דרך מושגים שיפוטיים.

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